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My professional journey commenced with the restoration of classic wooden yachts, a vocation that instilled in me a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and attention to detail. While my early days were spent honing my skills in the boating world, my current focus has shifted towards the realms of residential architectural design and historic estate restoration.

Today, I enjoy conceptualizing and developing ideas, with each project serving as a canvas for my creativity and passion for design. My work in historic homes allows me to not only preserve the rich heritage of these properties but also to breathe new life into them, blending modern functionality with timeless elegance.

Beyond my design work, I am constantly exploring new avenues of creativity. Whether it's designing and building bespoke furniture pieces or hand-painting a wall mural, I find fulfillment in bringing ideas to life through personal hands-on craftsmanship.

In essence, my journey in the world of design and restoration is a testament to my unwavering passion for creating beauty and functionality in the spaces we inhabit.

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