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I enjoy public speaking for both large audiences and small, intimate groups. Please fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page to inquire about availability. 


Me speaking at the New York Yacht Club in New York City 


2/21: American Schooner Association

3/23: Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, Sydney, Australia

3/26: Hamilton Island Yacht Club, Hamilton Island, Australia

3/28: Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, Brisbane, Australia

4/27: Old Point Comfort Yacht Club, Hampton, Virginia

6/8: Wooden Boat Festival, Newport Beach, California


1/6: Southern Corinthian Yacht Club, Marina del Rey, California

2/10: Kodiak Maritime Museum, Kodiak, Alaska

2/15: California Yacht Club, Marina del Rey, California

3/7: The Westlakers, Westlake, California

3/9: American Yacht Club, Rye, New York

3/10: IYRS Winter Celebration, NYYC, New York

3/15: Channel Islands Museum, Oxnard, California

3/27: Santa Barbara Yacht Club, Santa Barbara, California

3/31: Tall Ships St. Pete's, St. Petersburg, Florida

4/1: St Petersburg Yacht Club, St. Petersburg, Florida

4/8: Ventura Yacht Club, Ventura, California

4/13: Balboa Yacht Club, Newport Beach, California

4/19: St. Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco, California

4/19: Tiburon Yacht Club, Tiburon, California

4/20: Newport Historical Society, Newport, Rhode Island

4/20: Corinthian Yacht Club, Tiburon, California

4/21: Columbia Yacht Club, Chicago, Illinois

4/22: Chicago Maritime Museum, Chicago, Illinois

4/29: Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, Santa Barbara California

5/3: Southwestern Yacht Club, San Diego, California

5/6: Pierpoint Yacht Club, Ventura, California

5/9: Hyannis Yacht Club, Hyannis, Massachusetts

5/10: New Bedford Whaling Museum, New Bedford, Massachusetts

5/13: Southern California Yachting Association, Newport Beach, California

5/18: Mystic Seaport, Mystic, Connecticut

5/18: Westerly Yacht Club, Westerly, Rhode Island

5/19: Captains Cove Seaport, Bridgeport, Connecticut

6/7: San Diego Maritime Museum, San Diego, California

6/14: King Harbor Yacht Club, Redondo Beach, California

6/17: Navy Yacht Club of Long Beach, Long Beach, California

6/21: IYRS-Charter Books-Jane Pickens Theater, Newport, Rhode Island

6/27: Chaucers Books, Santa Barbara, California

7/6: Wellfleet Library, Wellfleet, Massachussetts

7/7: Dennis Yacht Club, Dennis, Massachusetts

7/8: Martha's Vineyard Museum, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

7/9: Mitchells Book Store, Nantucket, Massachusetts

7/10: Egan Maritime Institute, Nantucket, Massachusetts

7/14: Great Harbor Yacht Club, Nantucket, Massachusetts

7/15: Ithaca Yacht Club, Ithaca

7/16: Kendall, Ithaca

8/8: Dana West Yacht Club, Newport Beach, California

9/12: Houston Maritime Museum, Houston, Texas

9/13: Austin Yacht Club, Austin, Texas

9/22: Harbor Springs Festival

9/29 Morro Bay Yacht Club, Morro Bay, California

10/12: Mariners Museum, Newport News, Virginia

10/14: Royal Southern Yacht Club, Southampton, England

10/15: National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth, England

10/17: National Museum, Greenwich, England

10/17: Royal Thames Yacht Club, London, England

10/18: Lymington Town Sailing Club, Lymington, England


11/2: Bel Air Bay Club, Pacific Palisades, California

11/6: Santa Barbara Reads, Santa Barbara, California

11/8: Newport Harbor Yacht Club, Newport, California

11/15: Rose City Yacht Club, Oregon

11/18: National Maritime Historical Society, Peekskill, New York

11/30: Shattemuc Yacht Club, Shattemuc, New York

12/2: South Street Seaport, New York City, New York


11/9: New York Harbor School, Governors Island, New York



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