In 2002, I accept a job to sail the American tall ship Rose, a 180-foot-long replica of a Colonial-era British warship from Newport, Rhode Island to San Diego, California, to star as Jack Aubrey's ship in the feature film: Master and Commander: Far Side of the World. With nothing to lose and only a duffel bag of belongings, I set out on what would go down as the most disastrous voyage of my sailing career.


The story begins with us departing from Newport in mid-January. Days later, we collide with a horrific storm that threatens to sink the ship. Later in the journey, we were dismasted while under full sail just North of Columbia in the Caribbean Sea. We dodged water spouts, learned how to do some quick-fix engineering, and I even had to learn how to use a firehose to fend off pirates near the coast of El Salvador. Despite all the bad, we made the best of our situation, diving headfirst into the different cultures of the foreign islands and cities that we visited along the way.


The book follows the 29 other crew members and me, eight women and twenty-two men, living, working together, and all learning how to depend on each other. This is not a story about boys and their boats, but instead, an account of a successful, fully functioning isolated fellowship in which women and men lived and worked as equals on the ship. I have compiled nearly thirty hours of recorded interviews with the ship's crew and cataloged hundreds of photographs. I also have over 12 hours of original video footage of the passage. I hope that this story will expose readers to a unique part of the sailing world and encourage them to seek adventure and try something different.

The book has been acquired by Abrams Press and is scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2023

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HMS Surprise, Image Credit: Jerry Soto